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Château de Gaudou Exception


Cahors AOC, South West France, France

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Château de Gaudou Exception

From the original home of Malbec comes this soft and juicy red wine, with loads of fun and sunshine. Warm spice, dark fruit and a savoury finish all for a fantastic price.

Cahors is the home of Malbec, but when Fabrice Durou first started making 100% Malbec, the wine was disallowed by the AOC, and so he made it under Vin de France. Harvested from a ten-hectare site and fermented in stainless steel tanks.

South West France
Intensity Light bodied Full bodied
Acidity Low High
Style Dry Sweet
Fabrice Durou

Fabrice Durou is the young and handsome winemaker from Chateau de Gaudou, located in Cahors, midway between Bordeaux and Toulouse. Cahors is the home of the Malbec grape and it was from here that Argentinians obtained their first cuttings of the grape they’ve almost kidnapped from its traditional home.


Chateau de Gaudou is along the Lot River Valley and Fabrice explained to us why his precise location is ideal for getting the best ripeness out of his fruit. “Cahors experiences two prevailing climates, oceanic (from the Atlantic) and Mediterranean. During the summer, it is humid in the morning but it gets dry in the afternoon because we are in the vent of the Mediterranean. This is good for maturing and concentrating the grapes.”


Cahors has struggled to find its identity and not many people know that Malbec hails from here. Although the winemaking tradition here can be traced back to the 1300’s, the region suffered a serious decline after the Phylloxera epidemic when more powerful winemaking regions, such as Bordeaux and Languedoc undertook protectionist measures resulting in Cahors being shut out of the market.


Bulk production by cave cooperatives after the 2nd World War slowly helped boost Cahors economy but Fabrice explained how the area has escaped the era of bulk production. “The amount of vineyards here has decreased from 6000Ha to 4000Ha. This has been very important for producing more quality, less bulk Cahors. Previously the appellation was assimilated with Bergerac but now Cahors is a recognised wine region on its own.”


“Before, there used to be a lot of big corporations, but in the last 10 years the winemaking is being done by lots of independent families,” he stated before explaining that because they work in a little known appellation, they cannot trade on its name and they have to work hard to make the name for themselves. “We live in a beautiful, rural area and we want the beauty of this area to translate through the wines.”

Chateau de Gaudou

The whole vineyard is well planned and organized. We pay great attention to the continuity of our terroir. In the company of other prestigious vineyards, Gaudou is situated in the midst of the famous village called the “Beverly Hills of the Cahors appellation”.

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