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Maison Plantevin 'Plan-Plan' Sans Soufre Ajoute


AOP Cotes du Rhone Villages Sablet, Rhone Valley, France

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Maison Plantevin 'Plan-Plan' Sans Soufre Ajoute

The meaning of Plan-plan is "Easygoing person" or "Cool person" in French. It was the nickname of Laurent Plantevin when he was a child. The portrait of Laurent on the label was drawn by his 5-year-old son. The cuvée was dedicated to Laurent because he takes great effort to produce beautiful grapes each year. No SO2 added. 

Rhone Valley
Intensity Light bodied Full bodied
Acidity Low High
Style Dry Sweet
Laurent Plantevin

For six generations the Plantevin family has cultivated vines, a period of over 150 years. The vineyard is located outside one of the most beautiful villages in the Southern Rhône, Séguret. The area has a typical Mediterranean climate characterised by the local wind, “Mistral” which whips up along the valley and is one of the most dangerous natural threats for winemakers here.


This strong dry wind has benefits too in that it helps keep the grapes disease free. The area is also the benefactor of long hours of sunshine all year round which gives higher sugar levels and great maturity in the grapes. The large difference between night and day temperatures is really important for the development of complexity, controlling the flavours and those all-important aromatics.


The first five generations of the family sold their grapes to the local co-operative but Laurent, having studied at the University of Beaune, was determined to make his own wine. His wife, Akiko, looks after all the administrative tasks in the winery and she is an excellent businesswoman. This allows Laurent to focus on the vineyard and get the best out of his environment. Hand-picked grapes, low fermentation temperatures and minimum use of sulphur at the bottling stage are fundamental to his wines.

Maison Plantevin

"Soil types in our vineyards are diverse. The soils of Seguret and Sablet vineyards found at the foot of a Jurassic limestone mountain, the Dentelles de Montmirail, consist of a single clay soil, stony argilo-calcaireous, clay with layered limestone, and brown silex from the Miocene. The flat land of those vineyards consists of alluvium sand and shingle. The soils of the Plan de Dieu vineyards sit on the vast terraces of alluvial soil from the Riss. The surface of the vineyards is covered with the calcareous gravels. We sometimes find the fossils of seashells from these ancient soils."

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