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Maias Tinto - 12 Bottle Block

Mencia, Touriga Nacional, Alfrocheiro

Dão DOC, Dão, Portugal

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Maias Tinto - 12 Bottle Block

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This wine is more akin to a Beaujolais Cru. Soft, succulent red fruit, crème de cassis, a splash of cream, savoury dried herbs, and deeply refreshing acidity; we love this slightly chilled with barbeques, light lunches, etc. Mediterranean or Middle Eastern fare.

The Lourenço family are considered by many to lead the way in winemaking in the Dão. Their vineyard is now a registered organic estate, and their wine is grown high in the mountains on granite soil. Maias is the local name for the Weaver's Broom plant, which surrounds the estate here.

Mencia, Touriga Nacional, Alfrocheiro
Abel Francisco Codesso

Bodegas as Laxas has been family owned and run since its creation in 1863. It is located in the Condado de Tea area of the Rías Baixas region, on the terraced banks of the Padre Miño river giving it the perfect southern exposure. Lots of intense sunshine, tempered by mild, humid Atlantic winds, are ideal viticulture conditions.

Rías Baixas DO only started in 1980 and Bodegas as Laxas was one of the first wineries to be awarded the status of DO. The land required for Albariño is low-lying, generally not higher than 300 metres, close to the sea and on the bank of a river which allows for the perfect Atlantic influences to effect the growth. These climactic features and the topography of the land provide the Albariño grape with its very aromatic and fresh characteristics. Excellent location, a tradition of winemaking handed down over many generations and a fully modern winery combine to produce a stellar Albariño.

Val Do Sosego

A south-facing terraced landscape overlooking the River Miño, our vines are exposed to the humid, warm Atlantic winds and intense sunlight that capriciously caress the aristocratic Albariño fruit, in these lands generous with plenty. In Arbo stand the triple stone cross and an original Celtic votive tower in the parish. It is well worth visiting the tower and ruins in Fornelos (XII cent.), the Barreiro country mansion (XVI cent.), the Romanesque apse of the Church of San Pedro de Crescentes (XIII cent.) and the chapel and remains of the Albeos monastery

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