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Le Chic Chardonnay - 12 Bottle Case

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Le Chic Chardonnay - 12 Bottle Case

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Chardonnay, Chard, Chardy is one of the most interesting grapes, whether it comes from it's home in Burgundy to the tropical full zesty flavours from Australia. Forget about the over-oaked monstrosities of the 90s and 00s and see what the real fuss is about from wine nerds to weekend sippers. This grape communicates terroir and sunny afternoons full of memories.

2 x Bret Brothers - Pouilly Vinzelles AOC, France
This beauty hails from the southern tip of Burgundy in Côte de Maconnais — the home of Chardonnay. It is here that the two maverick brothers Jean Guillaume and Jean Philipe came back to take over their grandfather's vineyard in 2001. They immediately started using organic methods to bring old vines back to life. The wine is fermented using natural yeast in stainless steel and 11 months only in old oak (not to mask what the terroir gives you). Brilliant acidity with mellow fruit and white flowers with some crashing mineral acidity at the end. A real treat.

2 x Domaine des Terres Dorees - Beaujolais AOC, France
This is a Chardonnay grown in the "Golden Stones" in the South of Beaujolais. Jean-Paul Brun harvests his grapes from 40-year-old vines and ferments in concrete with no oak to reflect the golden soil. Lively and fresh with a long finish.

2 x Domaine Seguinot Bordet - Chablis AOC, France

Jean François Bordet believes in terroir and does not believe in hiding it behind the oak. So he has created a special cuvée, fermented in stainless steel tanks that lie on their side to increase contact with lees. The result is a pure wine that is remarkably refreshing — a modern, stylish Chablis.

2 x Ciu Ciu Tebaldo - Marche IGP, Italy
The grapes for Tebaldo are hand-harvested early, in mid-August. This method showcases the aromatic characteristics of the grape varieties which produce this wine. The
combination of Chardonnay alongside Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc, may like a mouthful, but delivers a wine of elegance and balance.

2 x Bergerie de l’Hortus - Valde Montferrand IGP, France
From the Orliac family, high up the Pic Saint-Loup mountain, in the shadow of the L'Hortus cliff. The vines are grown in white soil at the bottom of the valley to minimize their exposure to the elements. This is a Chardonnay blend from the Orliac family. A perfect rich, crisp wine.

2 x Alkoomi Charonnay - Frankland River, Australia
Alkoomi means "The place we found" in the local Aboriginal language in Margaret River, Western Australia. This wonderful piece of land was found by Judy and Merve, who decided to give up sheep farming to embark on a winemaking adventure. Now run by their daughter Sandy and husband Rod — second-generation winemakers committed to green practices in their vineyard. The vineyard of Chardonnay is harvested early in the morning to ensure freshness and to protect the beautiful aromatics. The wine is fermented in stainless steel, with no oak and some time on lees to build complexity and a creamy texture. The result is refreshing melon and peach flavours.

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