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La Sapata ‘Petiant Artizanal’ Rosé

Feteasca Regala

Podgoria Sarica Niculitel DOC, Podgoria Sarica Niculitel DOC, Romania

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La Sapata ‘Petiant Artizanal’ Rosé

Petiant Artizanal comes from a second fermentation in the bottle, with its own natural must. The bottle is not disgorged. Slightly bruised strawberry and red current. Good weight and mousse. Well balanced with a very long finish. A wonderfully made wine.

Podgoria Sarica Niculitel DOC
Feteasca Regala
Intensity Light bodied Full bodied
Acidity Low High
Style Dry Sweet
Emma and Robert Di Filippo

Passion, respect, love. These are the three forces that drive Emma
and Roberto Di Filippo in their daily lives. Di Filippo is a real success
story, the fruit of two generations of winemakers who have
passionately dedicated themselves to the land with a vision of
organic and biodynamic cultivation.

The 30 hectares of Di Filippo vineyards in Italy overlook Assisi,
resting on sun-drenched hills between Torgiano and Montefalco, in
the heart of Umbria. But in 2010, the Di Filippo family brought their
philosophy abroad to Romania. Roberto had gone to Romania with
a friend, Roberto Pieroni, who had lived there for many years. Today
they have a joint venture in their label La Sapata, with a vision to
focus on organic farming and invest in local resources and people to
create business for the local community. Sapata is 20 hectares of
scattered vineyard plots in the Cislita area and vineyards planted by
hand with workers from local villages.

Roberto and his partners use the same work ethics and model in
Romania as they do in Umbria. They practice organic and
biodynamic farming with the help of draught horses in the vineyard.
Roberto has been called the oenologist horse whisperer by local
journalists. If you visit, you'll also see he is followed around by
geese, who also play an integral part in the beautiful biodiversity of
the vineyard.

Sapata produces a range of wines that include organic and
experimental styles using the ancestral method and pet nats.

La Sapata

20 hectares of vineyards located on sandy soil enriched by wild vegetation. Cold winters and warm, hot summers produce ideal growing conditions

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