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Syrah, Grenacha Tinta

Mentrida DO, Spain

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Elegant, Spanish red, soft tannins, light red fruit, medium bodied and refreshing. Cool climate elegance from central Spain .

Mentrida DO
Syrah, Grenacha Tinta
Intensity Light bodied Full bodied
Acidity Low High
Style Dry Sweet
José Benavides Jiménez-Landi

The Jiménez-Landi winery is nestled in the foothills of Sierra De Gredos, between Madrid and Toledo in central Spain. Conditions are harsh on Spain’s central plateau, but the Sierra De Gredos protect the Jiménez-Landi vineyards from the worst of the winter winds. These same mountains supply the sandy, granite soil from which the vines grow. Despite the unforgiving climate and arid terrain, Jiménez-Landi successfully produces wines that are balanced and complex, telling the story of the land with finesse, elegance and depth.

The Jiménez-Landi vineyard is located in the town of Méntrida and finds itself just 50km south west of Madrid, but worlds apart from the bustling metropolis of the Spanish capital. José Benavides Jiménez-Landi, the man behind the wine, respects his land. He is passionate about producing wines that represent the countryside and the local variety garnacha he uses.

This passion has lead him to use minimal intervention and natural methods in wine production. Jiménez-Landi wines are made using yeasts native to the area, as well as being fermented and aged in oak. While José Benavides Jiménez-Landi use other grape varieties adapted to the locality, he is proud to base his wines on his family’s heirloom old vine garnacha. In the glass, this local “Garnacha de Gredo” tells the story of Jiménez-Landi. And when you taste it you’ll understand that it’s a story worth telling.

Bodegas Jiminez Landi

The vineyards are located on sandy granitic soils very degraded, poor in organic matter, acids and with little lime. The altitudes of the vineyards are between 550 and 650 meters of altitude. The climate is extreme continental, with long and cold winters,

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