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I Love Pinot Noir - 6 Bottle

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I Love Pinot Noir - 6 Bottle

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If Pinot Noir were a person, it would be a diva. So temperamental, hard to work with, and unpredictable, but when it's on song, there's not a variety to match it in the world.

This beautiful six-bottle selection hand-picks some of our favourite Pinot's from New Zealand, Germany and across France to the homeland of this mythological variety; Burgundy. This is a real treat for wine lovers.

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1 x Domaine Theulot Juillot 'La Cailloute'

Mercurey 1er Cru 'La Cailloute' A/C, Burgundy, France
Pinot Noir

"Elegant and stylish, lingers delightfully, I'd wear a hat to drink this one!"
Food & Wine Magazine

1 x Domaine Tatraux Jean et Fils Givry 1er Cru "Le Medenchot"
Givry 1er Cru, Burgundy, France
Pinot Noir

"Old-style classic savoury Burgundy, rich and glorious, with undertones of game and red meat."
The Sunday Times

1 x Eradus
Marlborough, New Zealand
Pinot Noir

Gentle hints of spicy tobacco, raspberry and savoury notes. Bright berry-fruit and spicy undertones with silky tannins.

1 x Bender

Pfalz QBA, Germany
Pinot Noir

"Pinot to die for… SERIOUS German Pinot from Pfalz"
The Irish Sun

1 x Paddy Borthwick
Wairarapa, New Zealand
Pinot Noir

"This is beautiful from beginning to end"
The Irish Examiner

1 x Domaine de la Renne
Touraine AOC, Loire Valley, France
Pinot Noir

"Gouleyant as the French would say, or very gluggable in English...Remarkable value for money."
The Irish Times

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