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Feudo Luparello

Grillo, Viognier

Sicilia DOP, Sicily, Italy

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Feudo Luparello

The unique blend of Grillo and Viognier has created a refreshingly fruity wine with complex floral notes and smooth, fresh finish.

Grillo, Viognier
Intensity Light bodied Full bodied
Acidity Low High
Style Dry Sweet
Walter Bartolomei

The bestselling Ciu-Ciu (‘choo-choo’) and its sister Costadoro range is made organically by Walter Bartolomei and his team in the hills of the Marche, on Italy’s Adriatic coast. His wines are among our greatest discoveries, offering Mediterranean flair and flavour at a price that makes them accessible to all.


What makes the popularity of these wines even more remarkable is the fact that they are made with relatively little-known, Italian specialities such as Pecorino, Passerino and Montepulciano. These grapes thrive on Walter’s organic vineyards, protected by the Apennines to the west and by the gentle Adriatic sea breezes from the east which help prevent disease.


Walter’s style of winemaking is designed with easy enjoyment in mind. He strives for fresh, light and fruity wines which he believes offer more drinking and food-pairing options.  As if proving that point, both the Ciu-Ciu and Costadoro wines have been the top choice for many weddings and parties with our regular customers. 

Feudo Luparello

Land of an incomparable enogastronomic heritage, south-eastern Sicily is characterized by a profound winery tradition, influenced by unique climate conditions and a combination of scents and flavors that make it particularly popular. Where the taste blend

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