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Iberian Discovery Tasting, Athlone

Iberian Discovery Tasting, Athlone

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Ready for an epic flavour expedition? Hold onto your wine glasses!

We're about to embark on a thrilling journey across the sun-kissed terrains of the Iberian Peninsula. This isn't just any Saturday evening - it's a festival of fun and fine wines!

On Saturday, October 21st, at 4pm in our Athlone store, we're turning the ordinary into extraordinary! Dive into an ocean of diverse wines from the magical lands of Iberia, each one carrying a sip of sunshine. Experience the allure of Spain and Portugal and let the enchantment of southern France play its part too!

Grab your tickets now! Only €20 per person for an unforgettable whirlwind adventure in the world of wines. You can snag these golden tickets online, in-store, or with a quick call at (090) 640 0640. But wait, there's more!

Your ticket doesn't just open the door to this spectacular event, it's your passport to a guided wine-tasting odyssey featuring 8 sublime wines. And we won't let you embark on this journey on an empty stomach - tasty nibbles and a set of curated tasting notes are included. And did we mention the exclusive discounts on the wines you'll be tasting?

So, are you ready to uncork the fun? Join us for a night of exhilarating Iberian exploration!

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