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Editors Choice - 12 Bottle Case

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Editors Choice - 12 Bottle Case

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite wines that have recently been revered in the Irish press. Six bottles that have been tried and tested by the best in the game, lovingly chosen and packed for you to enjoy. Summer is on the tip of everyone’s tongue, will it or won’t it happen this year. The Editor’s Choice will be there to cast light over the dull evenings that could befall us, or it will play a perfect pair to the barbeques we could yet still light.


Wairarapa, New Zealand
Pinot Noir

“Aroma of rose petals on the nose. On the palate, delicacy and harmony from strawberry and raspberry. Great for summer in the garden.”
Ernie Whalley, Sunday Times


Rioja DO, Spain

“Classic stewed berries with liquorice and vanilla with a woody finish. At peak now.”
Liam Campbell, Irish Independent


Cotes du Rhone Villages A/C, France

Grenache, Syrah

“From a small estate where wild oregano, rosemary, thyme and lavender grow on the hillside, this is an organic wine relying mainly on Grenache. Made in very modest amounts, it’s all about supple plummy fruit, and ripe and round tannins.”
Tom Doorley, Irish Daily Mail


Duoro, Portugal
Gouveio, Roupeiro, Cercial

Ernie Whalley, The Sunday Times


Beaujolais A/C, France

This ruthlessly selected, hand-harvested Chardonnay from Beaujolais has succulence like St Aubin, with apricot and white peach notes, a creamy, nutty palate and a decently crisp finish.,at this price, chilled and with an open mind, it is a smart and compelling wine.”
Tomas Clancy, The Sunday Business Post


Gavi DOCG, Italy

“More body than most Gavi. An attractive nose with the lime zest and pear leads to a satisfyingly orange-flavoured palate with a clean finish.”
Martin Moran (MW), The Sunday Times

Jean-Paul Brun

Jean Paul-Brun’s vineyard is located in a stunning area known as the “Region of Golden Stones” in southern Beajolais. He started Domaine Terres Dorées in 1979 with only four hectares of vines. Back then, the grapes vied for space with the cows, sheep, pigs and cereal crops of his father’s farm.


When his father retired, Jean-Paul started winemaking in earnest. Today, his wines garner quite a lot of press for the unorthodox way in which they are made and for their sheer quality. Jean-Paul has managed to produce outstanding wine that is not typical of the Beaujolais appellation.


Jean-Paul practices organic winemaking and has no time for winemakers who jump on “cool” bandwagons without actually putting the work in on the vineyard. To him there are two types of wine; industrial and artisanal. Artisanal wines are those “where you can taste and feel the vigneron’s sensibilities.”


He gets particularly annoyed by those who claim to be natural winemakers or sulphur free but that in reality end up using chemicals when they realise their wine is not good to begin with. He feels this discredits the natural winemaking movement. For him, natural winemaking is about being an honest winemaker.


Jean-Paul Brun’s methods are a lot more labour intensive than conventional methods. He is one of only 5% of French winemakers who use natural indigenous yeasts. This means he has to check his vats every morning to ensure fermentation is proceeding as he would like.


His reason for working like this? “I work this way because of a personal choice, out of respect to the planet and the people that drink our wines. The quality in my grapes was already there but now we work in a way that respects nature and we know it’s important for the future so it just feels like the right thing to do.”


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