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Domaine Paterianakis 'Melissinos’

Thrapsathiri, Sauvignon Blanc

Crete, Crete PGI, Greece

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Domaine Paterianakis 'Melissinos’

Sisters Emmanouela and Niki Paterianaki, are passionate about using indigenous Cretan grapes. Thrapsathiri is an ancient variety, and late harvested with some oak influence and paired with Sauvignon to give it an extra bite of acidity. This wine is a real surprise with tropical fruits, pineapple, and ripe stone fruits — a subtle taste of butter and very refreshing.

Crete PGI
Thrapsathiri, Sauvignon Blanc
Intensity Light bodied Full bodied
Acidity Low High
Style Dry Sweet
Emmanouela and Niki Paterianaki

Domaine Paterianakis is a third-generation winery from the island of Crete. Crete has the longest wine production history across Europe, over 4000 years. The Domain is located in a semi-mountainous area at an altitude of 600 metres, near to the “Melesses” village of the Municipality of Nikos Kazantzakis of Heraklion Prefecture on Crete Island.

Sisters Emmanouela and Nicky Paterianaki oversee the winery that was founded by their grandfather Manolis some 50 years ago and revolutionized by their father Georgios, an engineer and pioneer of organic wine in the 90s. Today the winery is committed to biodynamic practices and what the sisters refer to as a “pure” approach.  Emmanouela Paterianaki, who has a degree from the University of Athens in oenology, has been quoted in using the word “Restless” to describe the island’s next-generation wine influencers who are reviving ancient indigenous grapes. Nicky, who studied chemical engineering at the University of Athens, describes their wines as having “strong personality.”

Domaine Paterianakis cultivate six unique indigenous and five first-class international varieties. They pride themselves on being one of the few wineries in Greece with a vertical organization of its production process. The winery is designed at different levels using gravity, avoiding any artificial pressure. The smooth pressure of the spirit press machines, the stable temperatures of underground maturing cellars and the ideal bottling conditions in their underground cellar guarantee the finish of a quality wine.

Their wines are natural with no use of chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. In other words, no soil, water and atmosphere contamination. Their respect for the land combined with modern winemaking methods born of family tradition is evident in the beautiful expression of their wine.

Domaine Paterianakis

A third generation family company, the first on the island of Crete to introduce organic grape cultivation.

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