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Domaine du Mas Blanc Rimage.

Grenache Noir

Banyuls AOC , Roussillon, France

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Domaine du Mas Blanc Rimage.

Sweet black fruit nose with toasty undertones. Smooth and soft mouthfeel and a lovely long finish.

Grenache Noir
Dessert & Fortified
Intensity Light bodied Full bodied
Acidity Low High
Style Dry Sweet
Jean-Michel Parce

Perhaps the most traditional estate in Banyuls and Collioure is Domaine du Mas Blanc. Dr.Andre Parce is generally considered the grand patriarch of the appellation, having devoted his career to advancing the quality, prestige and status of the region. The estate is now run by his son, Jean-Michel, who shares his father's unwavering commitment of producing wines with richness, elegance, and impeccable balance.


The Banyuls wines must have a minimum of 14.5° alcohol and fermentation is stopped by adding 96° alcohol. This process is called "Mutage" and it fortifies the wine but doesn't interfere with the natural residual sugar, hence the name "Vin Doux Naturel" (Natural Sweet Wine).


The Parcé family can trace their history back to 1685, and there is a great combination of innovation and tradition here. They try new ideas, are open and progressive but yet they respect the years of work by generations who have gone before. Jean-MIchel is, according to others, "never content to rest on his laurels, as the work in the vineyard is never done".

Domaine du Mas Blanc Rimage

The vines are established on steep slopes of shales where very narrow terraces facing the sea have been laid out. This appellation is located in a climate zone of the Mediterranean type, which gives the vineyard exceptional conditions for the development and maturation of the grape . AOC Banyuls is a natural sweet wine (VDN) from old vines, mainly declined in red and rosé.

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