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Domaine Des Corbillieres.

Sauvignon Blanc

Touraine AOC , Loire Valley, France

83% of 100
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Domaine Des Corbillieres.

This artisanal Sauvignon Blanc has a very attractive varietal nose with delicious aromas of gooseberry, pear and lychee. It has herbaceous hints on the palate rounded by a crisp citrus acidity. The small winery produces wonderfully well made, interesting white wine - and as a bonus, they are organic!

Loire Valley
Sauvignon Blanc
Intensity Light bodied Full bodied
Acidity Low High
Style Dry Sweet
Dominique Barbou

Domaine des Corbillières has been in the Barbou family since the early 20th century. The area of Touraine is famous for Sauvignon Blanc and is close to Sancerre, also famous for Sauvignon Blanc but at much higher prices! In fact Robert Parker has credited Dominique and Veronique Barbou with producing "some of the consistently finest,not to mention best value, Sauvignon Blancs on the planet".


On a recent visit, Madame Barbou showed us a collection of prehistoric 'Silex' stones (flint) on display in the winery. It is these stones which give the wine of the region its distinct mineral character, and the Barbous' land is richly blessed with them.


Being a family owned and run vineyard, all hands are required on deck at harvest and bottling time and, on this visit, the young son was spending his school mid-term break on bottling duty with his father! All farming practices at Domaine des Corbillieres are organic. When you have excellent terroir like this, you don't want to mess around with it.


Domaine Des Corbillieres

With an area of 28 hectares, the vineyard is located in Oisly, some of the best terroir of Touraine. Dominique leads the vineyard into sustainable agriculture (Terra Vitis certification): no chemical fertilizer, only organic matter, yield limited by size and disbudding strict.

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