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Domaine de Lacabasse

Colombard, Ugni Blanc

South West France, France

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Domaine de Lacabasse

This white grape combination here works really well; Colombard is aromatic and round and Ugni Blanc adds wonderful citrus fruit. Great value and an wonderful summer sipper.

South West France
Colombard, Ugni Blanc
Intensity Light bodied Full bodied
Acidity Low High
Style Dry Sweet
Jean-Claude & Regine Bubola

Jean-Claude’s parents arrived from Italy to the South West of France in the 1950’s. They joined a tenant farm called Domaine d’Augeron. Gino, his father, grew grape varieties here and these were  sold off to wholesalers and used in the production of Armagnac.


But in 1975 Jean-Claude was able to buy the freehold of the property and thus change the nature of the estate. Jean-Claude and Régine replanted the vineyard over the next 25 years with varieties capable of producing good white and red wines. Along with this they invested money in new machinery and infrastructure for the winery.


The appellation “Sables Fauves” (Tawny Sands) refers to a special terroir in the east of the Landes where the soil is sandy and has been coloured by iron oxides. The Bubolas' aim is to produce a dry white wine and a fruity red which are characteristic of their region, and which they can offer at a very competitive price. This sandy terroir is not the easiest to cultivate, and is only lately acquiring a good reputation for wine, thanks to the experience and careful work of winemakers like Jean Claude Bubola.

Domaine D'Augeron

Starting in 1980, Jean Claude Bubola began restructuring the vineyard and planting the Ugni Blanc and Colombard grape varieties. In 1989, having enlarged the estate, he plant Gros Manseing, in order to improve the quality of the wine produced. Les Sables Fauves corresponds to the region located to the east of the Landes department and whose name derives from the color of the earth impregnated with iron oxides.

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