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Domaine de La Renne

Pinot Noir

Touraine AOC, Loire Valley, France

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Domaine de La Renne

The wine has lovely typical Pinot Noir aromas of strawberries and plums, leading to juicy flavours of dark red cherry fruits on the palate followed by some savoury characters on the finish.

Wine Critic John Wilson describes this wine as 'gouleyant' ('gluggable' in English) and precisely what we want from an inexpensive Pinot Noir from the Loire. It's a bit further north than Burgundy and can deliver tart Pinot, but good winemaking by the Leveque family brings out the best in this delicious but tricky grape. Careful sorting to remove as much green material as possible so fruity and not vegetal flavours dominate.


Loire Valley
Pinot Noir
Intensity Light bodied Full bodied
Acidity Low High
Style Dry Sweet
Guy Leveque

Domaine De La Renne was established in 1900 by winemaker Guy Lévêque’s grandparents. Guy was originally pursuing a career in other areas but decided to return to the family vineyard in 1981.He steadily increased the estate from 2 hectares to the 66 hectares he cultivates today.


The two wines we have from M. Leveque represent great value, which is the real advantage of Touraine. For the Sauvignon Blanc varietal, the terroir is similar to Sancerre, where Sauvignon Blanc is much more expensive. As a result, Touraine is an appellation which has been enjoying great success in recent years.


His Pinot Noir is a lovely cool climate red, not a million miles away from the Burgundian style, but at a fraction of the price. Again, the combination of a dedicated winemaker and excellent natural conditions cannot be fabricated, and the quality shines through.

Domaine de la Renne

The vines are located on several communes: Couddes - St Romain Sur Cher - Chatillon Sur Cher - Mehers - Noyers Sur Cher. The 80 hectares of the estate are composed of clay-limestone, silica and sandy soil.

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