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Chateau Saint Esteve Grand Reserve

Grenache, Syrah

Rhone Valley, France

88% of 100
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Chateau Saint Esteve Grand Reserve

An exceptional red wine from the Rhone Valley - An open and attractive nose with Grenache and Syrah fruit. Fresh and lively palate with hints of pepper.

Rhone Valley
Grenache, Syrah
Intensity Light bodied Full bodied
Acidity Low High
Style Dry Sweet
Marc Francais

The Saint Esteve wines are the result of two centuries of knowledge and experience. The vineyards are set in the heart of the garrigue of the Rhone Valley, with the herbs and flowers of this beautiful region playing their part in the make-up of the wines. The property is well away from major roads, and this helps the process of organic viticulture practised by Marc Francais.


There are just over a dozen producers in this appellation, which is set amongst hills where pines, oak, wild strawberries and herbs thrive. One of Marc's foremost principles is keeping yields low.This is how he maintains the quality of his production, and is the difference between a producer who wants plenty of wine to bring to market, and a producer who only wants an excellent wine to bring to market.


Marc Francais has this philosophy; it is not a secret,you can't hurry nature, you must let it do its own thing. In the years when the result is not as it should be, the answer is simple-he doesn't make the wine.

Chateau Saint Esteve d'Uchaux

The Massif d'Uchaux appellation was created in 2005. Since then, it holds the record for the lowest yields of all AOC villages. Altitude of 65 to 120 meters, quartz limestone, sand and sandstone, sandstone and sands of Montmout. Facing south, south south-west.

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