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Château de Montdomaine


Touraine-Amboise AOC, Loire Valley, France

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Château de Montdomaine

This wine is harvested from the calcareous hills just over from Chateau de Montdomaine, with northern exposure. It is a Côt (Malbec), from the marginal climate of the Loire, which manages to produce a Malbec that is more fresh and juicy with balanced and integrated structure than what is typical for this varietal. Lively and fun — a real signature of the winemaking from Louisa and Frederick Plou.

Loire Valley
Intensity Light bodied Full bodied
Acidity Low High
Style Dry Sweet
Louisa and Frederick Plou

Montdomaine is Frédéric Plou's wine dream. He was born into a family of winegrowers that has existed for over 500 years. Frédéric Plou and his wife Louisa Plou took over Château de Montdomaine in 2015.   The 17-hectare site is steeped in history, and the vineyards are nestled in the heart of the Loire Valley.

The winemaking know-how of Montdomaine is rooted in an ancestral tradition: Frédéric Plou cultivates the vine in a traditional way, respecting natural cycles and the earth, a prerequisite for a grape and a quality wine. Soil cultivation, pruning, leaf stripping and vine-sucking are some of the practices that ensure maximum quality for the grapes while adapting to the specifics of the vintage. Once the harvest is back, the wines are aged in tuffeau cellars; Then begins the delicate work of wine transformation, followed daily by Frédéric who tastes, listens, and analyzes so that the wine reveals all its qualities.

Their philosophy is simple: "We want in all humility, to accompany nature to give birth to the best. We respect the nature and the biodiversity that surrounds us. Our wines are reflections of our terroir."

Château de Montdomaine

The wine-making know-how of Montdomaine is rooted in an ancestral tradition: Frédéric Plou cultivates the vines in a traditional way, respecting natural cycles and the soil

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