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Fattoria Montellori Caselle

Sangiovese, Syrah

Chianti Superiore DOCG, Italy

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Fattoria Montellori Caselle

With a deep purple colour and a medium body, Caselle looks and feels every bit the Chianti Superiore. The flavour is spot on too with succulent red cherries, warming spice and a little tingle of black pepper. An excellent production from Tuscan primo Dr Alessandro Nieri.

Chianti Superiore DOCG
Sangiovese, Syrah
Intensity Light bodied Full bodied
Acidity Low High
Style Dry Sweet
Alessandro Nieri

Fattoria Montellori is an estate located in the olive, pine and vine planted hills of Tuscany. This beautiful family property now controlled by Dr. Alessandro di Nieri contains 20 acres of prime vineyards as well as a large, productive, olive grove. The estate has been in Alessandro's family since 1895.


Dr. di Nieri works primarily with Sangiovese, the famous grape of Chianti, on vineyards which are on average about 200m above sea level. Grapes are grown in clay soil with various minerals and trace elements which give complexity to the finished product. It is aged for a few months in tonneaux (very large oak tanks) which reduces the surface contact with the wood. This means oak is not the main player but rather an assistant in the development of the wine's flavour and texture.


His goal with Fatorria Montellori is to provide the benchmark levels of quality with which his name has become synonymous while keeping prices reasonable. The town of Vinci is very close by whose most famous denizen was a man named Leonardo. This might explain the Alessandro's interest in art, evidenced by the large fresco from a local artist adorning the winery wall. You can see it too as it appears on the label of his Poggio Alla Luna Chianti.

Fattoria Montellori

On Moro and Montauto Estates, 12 and 16 hectares respectively are planted on deep soil of calcareous loam at 1000 feet above sea level in the township of Cerreto Guidi. This part of Tuscany has long been an area for red wine and, in fact remains part of t

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