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Domaine Chandon De Briailles Corton Grand Cru ‘Les Bressandes’

Pinot Noir

Corton Grand Cru 'Les Bressandes' AOC , Burgundy, France

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Domaine Chandon De Briailles Corton Grand Cru ‘Les Bressandes’

Here, terroir expresses itself strongly, but the wine remains elegant, although powerful. This wine is alive with a lovely balance and great length on the palate, complex with some secondary flavours kicking in, unusual for only two years old. Hints of forest floor aromas are found in it from its earliest youth. With age, it moves towards wilder flavours.

The vineyard is between the villages of Aloxe-Corton and Ladoix. Its red clay soil and southeast-facing slopes on the hill of Corton just at the beginning of Côte de Nuits gives the power of Côte de Nuits with the elegance of Beaune. The soil is dense like bedrock, so the vines need to work hard. 70% stemmed to 30% destemmed.

Pinot Noir
Intensity Light bodied Full bodied
Acidity Low High
Style Dry Sweet
Claude Nicolay

There’s a certain sense of reverence that falls on us
whenever we come in sight of the iconic hill of Corton in
northern Burgundy. The vineyards draped around the lower
parts of the hill are the source of some of the planet’s finest
wines and its history has become almost mythological.
While it is a region dominated by Pinot Noir (over 90%), the
west side of the hill is devoted to Chardonnay. It is famously
reputed that Corton’s one time proprietor, Charlemagne
(Charles the Great), ordered that this side be planted with
Chardonnay on request from his wife who preferred white
wines as they did not stain his beard.

This is a history that was told to us by Claude de Nicolay, the
winemaker at the renowned Chandon de Briailles. She and
her brother, François, are the current generation in a family
estate that was founded in 1834. They have small plots
totalling 34 acres dotted throughout some of Burgundy’s
biggest names including; Savigny-lès-Beaune,
Pernand-Vergelesses and Aloxe-Corton.
Claude and François have not rested on the prestigious
family name (they are related to the Chandon family of Moët
& Chandon in Champagne). Since 2001 they have been on a
journey towards fully biodynamic viticulture, a reaction to
what they felt was the destruction of vineyards in Burgundy
through profuse spraying with chemical pesticides and
herbicides. As Claude put it, “Our aim is not to be too
heavily involved in shaping the wine but instead to guide

What you get here is not just a Chardonnay from the exalted
Grand Cru slopes of Corton-Le Charlemagne, but a pure and
honest expression of time and place. Gently nurtured in
seven-year-old barrels after a slow fermentation, it displays
power and elegance from early on, developing richness and
complexity as it matures in bottle. Best enjoyed 8-10 years
old, lightly chilled and in the company of fellow
fine wine lovers.

Domaine Chandon de Briailles

Located in Savigny, the de Nicolay family owns parcels of land in the best spots of Corton, Pernand-Vergelesses and Savigny. The property is considered a star amongst Burgundian appelations since 1990, thanks to the enthusiastic efforts of Nadine de Nicolay. She has worked hard to bring high standards to the production such as strong selection criteria, partial harvest and a constant preoccupation with soil protection

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