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Broglia Gavi de Gavi 'La Meirana'


Gavi de Gavi DOC , Gavi de Gavi DOCG, Italy

93% of 100
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Broglia Gavi de Gavi 'La Meirana'

This Italian dry white wine has lovely acidity and is laden with lemon and apple fruit giving a wonderful rounded mouthfeel.

Gavi de Gavi DOCG
Intensity Light bodied Full bodied
Acidity Low High
Style Dry Sweet
Bruno Broglia

One of Gavi’s favoured producers is Bruno Broglia. His farm, La Meirana, is part of a long tradition of winemaking going back to 971AD.  Bruno, now along with his sons, Gian Piero and Paolo, follow a modern approach to making wine.


On our last visit to Gavi we spent some time sampling the local food and wine in the restaurants and bars (strictly for research purposes of course). In almost all of these establishments Broglia wine had pride of place on their wine list. It was reassuring to note that the citizens of Gavi approved of these fantastic wines that we've been supplying exclusively in Ireland.


Bruno is constantly trying to find ways to improve the quality of his wine. For instance, he works with the Universities of Milan and Turin to try to eliminate sulphites. His yields are much lower than the average for the DOCG region of his vineyard, and some of the vines were planted in the 50's.


Bruno is a richly decorated and popular winemaker. Even the Pope has been known to serve Broglia Gavi at events in the Vatican. If it's good enough for His Holiness....


The village of Gavi, is the principal village of eleven Communes, as with the other most important wine classifications in Piedmont, Gavi gives its name to the wines within its classification. La Meirana is located in the heart of this territory and represents the most ancient name attached to it.

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