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Bret Brothers Mix - 6 Bottle Case

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Bret Brothers Mix - 6 Bottle Case


Jean-Guillaume and Jean-Philippe Bret loved coming for holidays to their grandparents vineyard as chldren. This love led them to decide to study viticulture and oenology. Having gained experience in the wider wine world for eight years, they returned to Burgundy and took over La Soufrandiere in 2000. The started their own label, Bret Brothers, in 2001.


Before the return of the two young men, the grapes at la Soufrandiere were sold to the cave cooperative. This was stopped in 1998 in preparation for the change in direction envisioned by the two brothers. The estate was converted to organic viticulture in 2003. Their aim is to make great wines that express the terroir, primarily from Chardonnay.


Their ambitious objective adheres to rigorous specifications, using small plots of old vines farmed by passionate vignerons on specific terroirs. This allows them to choose the best grapes from soils they wish to express. The commissioned grapes are hand harvested by the two brothers themselves. Many of the vines are old, with some up to 50 years of age. This drives the intensity of flavour that they consistently produce.


1X Bret Brothers 'Terres De Vergisson'


A tight-wire expression of the ancient seabed of Pouilly-Fuisse from superstar winemakers. Scintillating mineral expression with mouthwatering citrus acidity and tell-tale ripe, full bodied Chardonnay flavours. 


1x Bret Brothers La Soufrandière - Climat ‘Le Quarts’


We think this terroir is one of the best in Burgundy and Climat ‘Le Quarts’ is a beautiful and wonderfully well-balanced expression with its citrusy mineral nose and complex and rich mouthfeel. 


1x Bret Brothers La Soufrandière - ‘La Carbonnode’


La Carbonnode is a genuinely unique cuvée and a fantastic result of the Bret Brothers use of carbonic maceration. This enticing outside the box wine is made from whole cluster fermentation has a slight orange tint and a zesty and expressive nose. 


1x Bret Brothers ‘Les Ponciés’ Fleurie


This is the best Fleurie we've ever tasted! Jean Philipe Bret was thrilled to present this tremendous high-end terroir of Fleurie upon our visit. It is light to medium-bodied, very smooth and elegant with strawberry and perfectly ripe summer fruit. 


1x Bret Brothers La Soufrandière - ‘Le Clos de Grand-Père’


Le Clos de Grand-Père is aptly named after the one-hectare plot of 50-year-old vines that once belonged to the Bret Brothers Grandfather. 

This Chardonnay is a deep gold colour that lures you into a pear and vanilla treat. It is lush with aromas and flavours of tropical fruits and a glorious crunch of acidity followed by a very long finish. 


1x Bret Brothers 'Bret Nat'


Limited edition sparkling 'Pet-Nat' natural wine from Bret Bros. Organic and Bio-Dynamic Vin Petillant

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