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Vegetarian Wellington

You will not be stuck looking for an attractive main for those relatives that have given up meat or just prefer a meat-free option at their Christmas table. A Vegetarian Wellington is a fun spin on the classic Beef Wellington. This indulgent meat-free version is an impressive centrepiece. If you want an impressive spread for Christmas, an enticing vegetarian or vegan main option is a treat for both meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. We have some spectacular vegan wines to pair with this buttery puff pastry sensation. You can also gift your vegetarian or vegan family member or friend with the Vegan Dream Case. A festive mix of vegan wines to perfectly complement a vegetarian Christmas dinner.

Vegetarian Wellington is flaky on the outside and not short of texture on the inside. The mushroom and herbs complement each other so well. You can choose to add butternut squash or carrots for a pop of colour that is also nutrient-rich and filling. For vegans, you may substitute regular puff pastry for vegan puff pastry and an egg substitute.

Vegetarian Wellington

There are a good few steps to making a Wellington. We’ve done our due diligence (hard job, we know) and we found Jamie Oliver has a very straight forward and “not too tricky” recipe that will serve as an amazing Christmas cracker on your table.  If you are not up to the challenge, there are some tasty wellingtons available around Christmas at select grocers in Ireland.

It only fits that we uncork some special vegan wines with our Vegetarian Wellington. Silvano Bolmida Bussia is luxurious and almost sinful Barolo. Its bold tannic richness stands up nicely to this hearty meal. The Nebbiolo grapes for this wine are grown at a high altitude with maceration of up to 50 days. This helps refine the fierce tannins and produces a fantastic wine which represents, as all great wines do, the identity of the vineyard, the vintage and the producer to a high level of perfection. Very attractive nose with subtle layers of cherries and violets. Full-bodied and velvety, sweet and ripe on the palate.

You may find a new favourite in pairing Ciu Ciu Le Merlattaie with this dish. Pecorino may not have a red’s tannic structure, but the “tingling acidity and attractive almond nutty flavours” (according to wine critic, Liam Campbell) so perfectly accompany the earthy creaminess of this stellar main. This Italian white wine has a very attractive nose, showing real elegance with delicious citrus and floral minerality. Vanilla and green apple in the mouth with a nutty richness that leads to a flinty mineral finish, stunning! Ciu Ciu Le Merlattaie is included in the Vegan Dream Case.

The Vegan Dream Case

The Vegan Dream case is 6 bottles of vegan wine that will serve as the perfect Vegan or Vegetarian Christmas Day survival kit. Most of our winemakers subscribe to minimal intervention in the vineyard and cellar, thus, inherently vegan. Not all may state this on the label, so we have curated the perfect collection from our ever-growing vegan wine selection for you to sample this holiday season.

The Vegan Dream - 6 Bottle Case