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Tomás Clancy Rates The Wine List: Avalon, Dublin 4

Rating: ****

“The boss at Avalon, Sommelier Sheerin Wilde, has his name above the list here, so you’re casting your eyes down a collection that has been assembled with appropriate seriousness and judgement, showcasing a wealth of big experiences from Bordeaux. Which is not to say there isn’t plenty of easier (on the wallet) fun here – alongside those big-occasion classics…”

“…Squarely in the former category is the sprightly Picoul de Pinet Preambule, 2014 from the Languedoc, which might pour happily alongside the main menu’s assiette of prawn, crab and scallop, a position that the Gewurtztraminer from D Jean-Luc Mader could also happily fill.”

“…Praiseworthy and notable here, too, is a by-the-glass game – which, let’s face it, is what we need most nights. And anyone with a glass of New Zealand pinot from Eradus in Marlborough in front of them can’t complain too much.”

Tomás Clancy, The Sunday Business Post, October 21, 2018.