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Tag:Pinot Grigio

by Sam Logan | August 4, 2017
  As a vineyard, San Simone is a bit like Robin Williams. Now, that might sound a little strange, but hear me out. Robin Williams was an outstanding actor, as well as a hilarious stand-up comedian. Before his tragic suicide (coincidentally, three years ago this week) he starred in best comedies of the 80s, 90s […]
by Wines Direct | April 6, 2016
“We have repeatedly highlighted the pleasantness of their red wines but this year the focus has fallen on San Simone’s fine, gritty and captivating Pinot Grigio, which smells of ripe fruit and acacia honey.” Gambero Rosso, Wines of Italy
by Wines Direct | April 6, 2016
“Some pleasant lifted aromas, nice broad mouthfilling fruit and a good dry finish. Well made wine with a bit of real interest. Serve with chicken salad or prawns.” John Wilson, Irish Times.