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by Sam Logan | December 5, 2017
As we saw yesterday, Italy has a wonderfully diverse and completely original way of celebrating the festivities – as Alessio Cartone says there are “20 regions, each one with their own tradition”. We spoke to 2 of our Italian wineries, Ciu Ciu Vini and Villamedoro, about what they usually do and how they’ll be spending […]
by Wines Direct | April 6, 2016
“Some pleasant lifted aromas, nice broad mouthfilling fruit and a good dry finish. Well made wine with a bit of real interest. Serve with chicken salad or prawns.” John Wilson, Irish Times.
by Wines Direct | April 5, 2016
“Rosso Piceno is from the Marche region of Italy, on the Adriatic coast just east of Tuscany and south of Emillia-Roomagna. This is a typical blend of Sangiovese and Montepulciano and has a bright juicy fruit and a pleasing ripeness on the palate – perfect for mid-week pasta or pizza.” Leslie Williams, The Irish Examiner
by Wines Direct | April 4, 2016
“A no-brainer for the money. Spring flower, kumquat and conference pear nose, a decent weight of fruit and a clean finish. Food-friendly. Would grace any restaurant list.” Ernie Whalley, The Sunday Times