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by Sam Logan | September 26, 2017
 A Taste of Mendoza It comes as a surprise to many people that Ireland imports more wine from Chile than from any other country. We drink more Chilean wine than French, Spanish or Italian. What’s even more surprising, given that we so enjoy Chilean wine, is that we drink very little wine from Argentina.   […]
by Sam Logan | August 18, 2017
We love a maverick. There’s something inherently compelling about someone who plays by their own rules and succeeds, despite the disapproval of others. I really admire people with the independence to do something new, particularly if it’s unpopular at first. Judging by the careers of artists like Sinead O’Connor, James Joyce, and Bruce Willis I’m […]
by Wines Direct | April 6, 2016
“A serious drop, firm tannin and full fruit, nice tingle of acid and good length.” Raymond Blake, Food and Wine Magazine
by Wines Direct | April 6, 2016
“This is one of the ‘black wines’ of Cahors in southern France and, right enough it’s very deep in colour. But unlike the tough, tannic Cahors of tradition, this one is supple and intense without the need for years of ageing.” Tom Doorley, Irish Daily Mail
by Wines Direct | April 5, 2016
“Dark tannins resolving well, plenty of blackcurrant fruit to compensate, and spot on fruit / acid balance. Would be great with rich food.” Ernie Whalley, The Sunday Times.
by Wines Direct | April 4, 2016
“Available online or in their retail store at Arnotts, this is an unusually supple example of how the Malbec grape performs in its native Cahors. It’s dark, deep and plummy with no oak, just loads of fruit.” Tom Doorley, Irish Daily Mail