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Tag:Loire Valley

by Sam Logan | October 4, 2017
Vines love valleys. Rivers moderate summer temperatures and provide fertile alluvial soil from a history of floods. Valley slopes drain vineyards quickly and give them a sunny aspect. Valleys are a kind of “Goldilocks feature” for vines; giving light, heat, hydration, and nutrition that is just right for producing great wine. The two valleys of […]
by Sam Logan | August 18, 2017
We love a maverick. There’s something inherently compelling about someone who plays by their own rules and succeeds, despite the disapproval of others. I really admire people with the independence to do something new, particularly if it’s unpopular at first. Judging by the careers of artists like Sinead O’Connor, James Joyce, and Bruce Willis I’m […]
by Wines Direct | April 5, 2016
“The Touraine growers are flying the flag for undervalued Loire wines. Their fresh new labels match their clean, energetically crisp take on Sauvignon Blanc, such as this raucously gooseberry-driven ultra tart example. Well worth chilling in the fridge.” Tomas Clancy, The Sunday Business Post.