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by Sam Logan | December 15, 2017
An annual tradition that never fails to delight me is the glut of festive leftovers in the week following Christmas day. If you’re anything like me, you’ll appreciate the laziness all this extra food facilitates just as much as you enjoy the food itself.
by Sam Logan | December 13, 2017
Today we make the last visit to the vines before Christmas. We’re stopping by Bordeaux to find out how our favourite Bordelais winemakers celebrate Christmas. There’s oysters, apple pie and a lovely tradition with the company that makes the barrels Chateau Hautes Segottes is aged in.   Chateau Thieuley In the Courselle ‘s family, we […]
by Sam Logan | November 10, 2017
Finding wine to match Christmas dinner is a high stakes endeavour. If not necessarily contempt, familiarity certainly breeds neglect; you might assume the classic turkey, sprouts and roasties will taste just as good with any old wine. Not so, my friend. I’m not saying you need to blow all your budget on bougie bottles, but […]
by Sam Logan | November 1, 2017
Staff Favourites Sometimes, we pick the wines for wine of the week with a particular theme or upcoming event in mind. Often, we’ll choose wines from a region that’s a little bit out of the way. Other times we want to draw attention to a producer who does something a little unusual in how they […]
by Sam Logan | August 23, 2017
La Famille Courselle How do you make wine that captures all the joy and innocence of childhood? To begin with, you would need to be a truly gifted winemaker. You should also have spent your own childhood in “a magic place among the vines”. Lastly, investing the wine with an exuberant and carefree character would […]
by Wines Direct | April 7, 2016
“A quite engaging and complex wine with fine tannins, nice marzipan, earthy fruits and evolving finish.” Tomás Clancy, Food and Wine Magazine
by Wines Direct | April 6, 2016
“Not something you see very often in Ireland but the sweet wines of Jurancon are very special. The grape here is Petit Manseng which develops phenomenal ripeness while staying as fresh as a daisy – no mean feat. Pineapple, mango, a touch of passionfruit. Sweet but lively.” Tom Doorley, Irish Daily Mail
by Wines Direct | April 5, 2016
“This particular wine is big in restaurants these days and it makes a splendid aperitif and general food-friendly white. It’s dry and very zesty, crisp enough to tackle smoked salmon and with enough zing to cope with spiced olives. Fantastic value and an old favourite of mine. It has become better and better with each […]
by Wines Direct | April 5, 2016
“Chateau Haut Rian is one of the best value producers of entry-level Bordeaux. The white is always brilliant value. This rosé is also exceptional value for money. quite deep in colour, with a vibrant nose of ripe strawberries; the palate oozes with freshly crushed raspberries and strawberries. This packs a lot of flavour into a […]
by Wines Direct | April 4, 2016
“A wonderful fresh, crisp, dry white, made entirely from Semillon (and therefore Sauvignon-free) with zesty lemon, green apple and melon fruits, finishing bone dry. It is low in alcohol and would make a perfect partner for seafood or as a mouthwatering aperitif.” John Wilson, Irish Times