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Why Beaujolais is Quietly Starting to get the Recognition it Deserves

Corinna Hardgrave – The Irish Independent
July 22, 2018

“One of the biggest trends in wine at the moment is the move to ‘natural’ wine. It’s a term that has no legal definition, but generally it is considered to be wine that is made without any synthetic herbicides or pesticides and with minimal human intervention. The hippest bars and restaurants in London, Paris, New York, LA and the Nordic countries all feature them heavily on their wine lists. People are looking for something other than big brands, and natural wine feels like the obvious progression, following the trends for local, organic and wild foraged food. This approach to wine making has changed how people view Beaujolais – with the wines, many of which are available in Ireland, receiving serious acclaim…”

Domaine Bergerie De L’Hortus – Rouge

“Yes, you can get white Beaujolais. It’s made from the Chardonnay grape, and I absolutely loved the freshness of this organic one, which I had for lunch on a wonderfully sunny terrace in Oingt.”