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by Traci Gates | October 28, 2018
Go Walkabout Down the Wine Aisle to Find a Wonder From Down Under “…The Old Tourism Australia advertising slogan, “So where the hell are you?” has never seemed more appropriate. Now, it is time to discover Australia’s off-the-beaten-track wines.” Craiglee, Shiraz, 2013 “Irish-Australian Pat Carmody makes this elegant, slightly peppery shiraz in a historic vineyard […]
by Traci Gates | October 23, 2018
Creamy Curry Wine Pairing Ireland loves a good curry! Curry has been a part of the Irish food scene since nearly its inception. There are now hundreds of Indian eateries in Ireland. Curry is so undeniably popular; a dedicated award ceremony is taking place in Dublin called, “The Irish Curry Awards.”  The Irish Oscars of Curry recognise […]
by Traci Gates | October 21, 2018
Tomás Clancy Rates The Wine List: Avalon, Dublin 4 Rating: **** “The boss at Avalon, Sommelier Sheerin Wilde, has his name above the list here, so you’re casting your eyes down a collection that has been assembled with appropriate seriousness and judgement, showcasing a wealth of big experiences from Bordeaux. Which is not to say there […]
by Traci Gates | October 21, 2018
Crios Torrontés, Torrontés Valle de Cafayate, Argentina, 2016 “With wonderful white-fleshed fish like black sole and cod in season, this is the perfect time to buy this Argentine gem. This well-structured food wine is a product of the wine business set up by Argentina’s first female enologist, Susan Balbo, and based on Argentina’s own Torrontés grape. […]
by Traci Gates | October 14, 2018
Press Review: Elias Mora Semicrianza, DO Toro, Spain 2016 “When Paddy Keogh introduced Ireland to the wines of the breakthrough female winemaking team the Two Victorias many years ago, the ambition and sophistication of their Tinto do Toro, the then rustic version of Tempranillo was self evident.  Over the years they have evolved their own […]
by Traci Gates | September 30, 2018
It’s Grape Harvest Time! It is a long voyage from grape to glass. The grape harvest is the first step in this complex journey of making an enjoyable wine and the last step in a year’s worth of hard graft and soulful management of each precious vine. For any winery, it is the busiest time of year, […]
by Traci Gates | September 12, 2018
Manchego Cheese: A Tapas Classic In the towns and villages across Spain, between the hours of 9 and 11 pm, the doors of the tapas bars that line their medieval streets, open to floods of hungry and excited locals and savvy tourists who come to stand in this social ritual of daily life. Classically, eating tapas […]
by Traci Gates | September 5, 2018
Theatre of Food Wines Direct is still buzzing from Electric Picnic 2018! We were ecstatic to play a part in John & Sally McKenna’s Theatre of Food. And, theatre it was, indeed! The Theatre of Food at Electric Picnic has grown into a full-fledged festival in its own right. Theatre of Food is where Ireland’s best […]
by Wines Direct | September 1, 2018
The Last Rosé of Summer?   In this weeks Wine Buff article, Corinna Hardgrave says Domaine Bergerie De L’Hortus – Rouge is a rosé to look out for if you are seeking to “view the rest of the year through rosé tinted glasses.” “From Pic Saint Loup in the Languedoc of France, this blend of Syrah […]
by Wines Direct | September 1, 2018
A Match Made in Heaven   Antech Chardonnay John Wilson of The Irish Times Magazine lists Antech Chardonnay to be included in one of his “death bed meals” — An amusing read including, great seafood and white wine pairings! “My deathbed meal would include seafood and these four whites…..” “A medium-bodied, oak-free Chardonnay with attractive […]
by Traci Gates | August 22, 2018
Corks vs Screw Caps It is still surprising just how many people turn their nose up at screw capped bottles in the corks vs screw caps debate. There is a misnomer that the wine underneath a screw cap must be inferior. A misguided belief originally fueled by Old World wine countries fearing the threat of […]
by Wines Direct | July 22, 2018
Why Beaujolais is Quietly Starting to get the Recognition it Deserves Corinna Hardgrave – The Irish Independent July 22, 2018 “One of the biggest trends in wine at the moment is the move to ‘natural’ wine. It’s a term that has no legal definition, but generally it is considered to be wine that is made […]
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