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Can you remember the last time you made a new friend?

For many of us, starting a new friendship is all too rare. However, one of the great things about Wines Direct is that we’re always meeting new producers, tasting new wine, and forging friendships! Gavin and Gareth travel the world, visiting winemakers to find new wines that fit with the Wines Direct philosophy of independence, sustainability and exceptional quality.
Recently we’ve made some amazing new friends and we wanted to introduce you. Jean-Luc Terrier & Christian Collovray are a pair of lifelong friends who operate Domaine d’Antugnac in the Languedoc. And from Méntrida on Spain’s sunny meseta, José Benavidez Jiménez Landi runs Bodegas Jiménez Landi.

The beauty of minimum intervention winemaking

Poppies growing between the vines at Domaine d’Antugnac


Domaine d’Antugnac
Located the South of France, close to Carcassonne, the Domaine d’Antugnac finds itself in an enviable position. The Mediterranean gives optimal sunshine, while the nearby Pyrenees provide altitude and shelter to temper the heat. The Tramontane, a northerly wind, ventilates the vineyard and an Atlantic influence brings balanced rainfall.
In short, it’s a great place to make wine.

And it was these geographic and climatic factors are what drew Jean-Luc Terrier & Christian Collovray to Antugnac when they decided to expand beyond their Burgundy vineyard, Domaine Des Deux Roches.
Collovray & Terrier’s pride in their Burgundian heritage is clear – their wines combine Chardonnay and Pinot Noir with local grapes like Mauzac to bring the best out of the Languedoc landscape. And we aren’t the only ones who think so. A gold medal in the 2017 French General Agricultural Competition for their Limoux Blanc “Terres Amoureuses”, confirms Collovray & Terrier’s skill.

Translating as “Lands of Love”, Terres Amoureuses lives up to its name. The flavours of ripe fruit, flowers, and spices bring the South of France within reach and would be a great companion for a light summer supper.

The elusive winemaker in his natural habitat

José Benavidez jiménez Landi with his heirloom Garnacha de Gredos vines


Bodegas Jiménez Landi
The Jiménez-Landi winery is nestled in the foothills of Sierra De Gredos, between Madrid and Toledo in central Spain.
In fact, the vineyard finds itself just 50km south-west of Madrid, but it’s worlds apart from the bustling metropolis of the Spanish capital. José Benavides Jiménez-Landi, the man behind the wine, respects his land and is passionate about producing wines that represent the countryside.

To that end, Jiménez-Landi wines are very much of their place in the Sierra De Gredos. While José Benavides Jiménez-Landi uses other varieties adapted to the locality, he focuses on his family’s heirloom old vine Garnacha, “Garnacha de Gredo”. These 40 to 70-year-old heirloom vines produce 85% of the grapes that go into Bajondillo, our pick of the Jiménez Landi cellar.

The Bajondillo is juicy and mouth-filling, elegantly balancing smoky hints with grainy tannins.

Both of these producers have a keen sense of place, and that comes through in the wines they make. We think their dedication to independence, sustainability and quality is a sound basis for a beautiful friendship.
The Jiménez Landi Bajondillo and the Domaine d’Antugnac Terres Amoureuses will be open for tasting next week in our stores in Arnotts and Mullingar. So, why not stop by and makes some new friends?