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Christmases in other countries can be very different from the traditions we’re used to. Even somewhere as nearby as Italy has a really diverse and completely original way of celebrating the festivities. We spoke to 2 of our Italian wineries, Balestri Valda and Bidoli Vini, about what they usually do and how they’ll be spending this Christmas. Whatever about the other traditions, panettone seems to be a universal part of Italian Christmases!

Balestri Valda

“In Verona, it’s Santa Lucia, not Santa Claus who brings Christmas presents to children. So, we celebrate a lot with the family on this day (December 13th) and eat traditional biscuits called “puoti”. A traditional Christmas menu in Verona could be: tortellini, boiled meat with pearà (bread and pepper sauce), pandoro or panettone with a glass of Recioto di Soave”

Laura Rizzotto, Balestri Valda

Arrigo and Margherita Bidoli of Bidoli Vini



“As you perfectly know, Christmas is one of the most important holidays for all Italians. 2 weeks before Christmas, of course, we do all the Christmas decorations and Christmas tree, in our shop we prepare different gift boxes to sell. For our employees, we prepare a nice food and drink gifts for them to enjoy with their family. The last day of work all together we make a toast, with Bidoli Wines, of course, to wish each other MERRY CHRISTMAS.”

“It is very important for Bidoli family to be all together for Christmas lunch and everyone prepares something special. Margherita and Arrigo’s mother prepares a stew, and we never spent that day in a restaurant but always at home; ever since Christmas 6 years ago we have spent it in Margherita’s house in the mountain all together hoping the snow comes! Around 11 am we get together, and we used to share a little present for everyone, and then we start drinking (above all sparkling wines produced by Bidoli) and some still white and reds. We start the lunch that usually finishes around 5 o’clock p.m. Typically we used to eat for Christmas “tortellini soup”, many different hors-d’oeuvres, Prosciutto di San Daniele, cheese, salumi, as well as boiled meat and many different vegetables. We always finish with a big panettone and dry nuts; something that can never be missed on Italian tables for Christmas are mandarin oranges and pineapple.”


Marvi Chiavotti, Bidoli Vini