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You might think that working for a wine company makes choosing Christmas drinks easy. Au Contraire. It’s just three weeks to the big day, and my cellar is bare.

If you’re anything like me, your current level of Christmas organization is below where you would like it to be. You might be starting to get nervous that, even though the geese are getting fatter by the day, you’ve no presents bought, no menus planned, and no wine ready for the big day. But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time (he repeated, trying to convince himself).

However, I have managed to narrow my Christmas wine choices down to a few options. And this week’s wines of the week are both on my shortlist. For Christmas, I wanted wines that are easy to enjoy, but that still have enough going on to keep me excited. No small task, but these two wines are the essence of approachable complexity.

Domaine Seguinot Bordet Petit Chablis

I think of this wine as a benchmark Chablis: it does everything a white wine from the renowned region should do, and does it at a better price than most of its competitors. There’s crisp acidity with citrus flavours that give way to the mineral flavours that are emblematic of Chablis.

And I’m not alone in my opinion here, Leslie Williams writing in The Irish Examiner agrees: “This has all the things I like about Chablis – minerally intense fruits on the nose, a limpid quality on the palate along with the crisp fruit flavours and a long, long, stony finish.” What’s more, Domaine Seguinot Bordet Petit Chablis is a fantastically adaptable Christmas wine working well with any kind of seafood starter, soft cheeses or rich sauces.

Silvano Bolmida Conca Del Grillo Barbera D’Alba

Like the Chablis, Silvano Bolmida’s Conca Del Grillo is a yardstick for Barbera D’Alba, fulfilling all the criteria it needs to be a great example of this northern Italian style. At first, there’s a huge rush of dark berry flavours. Then, the intensity is balanced out by a refreshingly acidic backbone and some subtle warming oak.

Silvano enjoying some festive treats of his own!

Also like the Chablis, Silvano Bolmida’s Conca Del Grillo hasn’t escaped flattery from the critics. Tom Doorley in the Irish Daily Mail called it “A serious red from radical winemaker Silvano Bolmida in Piemonte. It has terrific concentration and ripeness with underlying fresh acidity, nicely balanced. Just a touch of oak is the perfect seasoning.” I think that’s a fair summation. Silvano Bolmida’s Barbera D’Alba is great with roasted meats and rich Christmas side dishes.

If like me, you’re struggling to commit to a festive winelist then Domaine Seguinot Bordet Petit Chablis and Silvano Bolmida Conca Del Grillo Barbera D’Alba could be just what you need. Stop by our shops in Arnotts or Mullingar from Monday 4th of December to have a taste of these fantastic wines.