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We catch up with two of our winemakers from Burgundy to hear what the Christmas festivities are like in one of the heartlands of French winemaking. As you might expect, all the food the winemakers mention is tailormade for Burgundy wines. Various molluscs feature prominently on both Christmas menus. While oysters are popular at home in Ireland, I can’t see Burgundy snails catching on in the same way. One Burgundian tradition that will be adorning my Christmas table is the wonderfully pungent and delicious cheese Époisses de Bourgogne.

Jean Thevenet tending his vines

Domaine De La Bongran

Here in Burgundy, our festive meal often includes Burgundy snails, oysters, smoked salmon with buttered rye bread toast. Most of the time, we cook a “Bresse” chicken with cream and we finish with the traditional Christmas log with chocolate or chestnuts. As you can see, it’s a time of year when we eat a lot!

Peggy Thevenet, Domaine de la Bongran


Claire Naudin-Ferrand with Gareth Keogh of Wines Direct

Domaine Naudin Ferrand

We make a special meal the 25th of December with the family and a lunch with the team of the winery just before the holidays of Christmas. We eat oysters, homemade half cooked duck foie gras, boar with a sauce ‘Grand Veneur’ made with red wine and shallots, then cheeses and Christmas coffee cake made by Liliane Naudin, Claire’s mother.

Julie Berthet, Domaine Naudin Ferrand