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by Fionnuala Harkin | June 10, 2022
We know these Hallmark days are tough for some, but reminiscing is something we love to do around these parts. If it’s too much, you can click here and ramble around the Chardonnay section – a nice, cool Chardonnay never let us down. We asked Fionnuala, our West Cork vagabond and storytelling lyricist to talk […]
by WinesDirect | March 22, 2022
Mother’s Day Gift Hampers by Siobhan Keogh I’ve had the pleasure of celebrating many Mothering Sundays as a daughter, a mother, and these days as a grandmother. For Mother’s Day 2022 I was tasked with curating hampers which I suspect the mothers and mother figures of your lives will thank you for, for years to […]
by Traci Gates | February 9, 2021
Valentine’s Day Wine A folklore proverb says that “Saint Valentine brings the keys of roots” and work in the vineyards and fields commence as plants and flowers start to grow. Today we associate the day with romantic love, cards and chocolate. It is also a reminder of the love affair our winemakers have with their vines. In honour […]
by Traci Gates | December 9, 2020
Christmas Wine Gift Guide The Top 5 Wine Lover Gifts Whether you are buying gifts for friends, relatives or colleagues, we are confident you will find something really special to spread the magic of Christmas. We stock over 350 wines from 10 countries throughout Europe and the New World. The team at Wines Direct have […]
by Traci Gates | August 11, 2020
Spanish Wine and Tapas: Manchego Cheese with Red Wine & Honey Glazed Chorizo Many of you would be living the Tapas life as we speak, but because of the current situation, we find ourselves recreating holidays at home. Our contribution to your staycation is A Ticket to Spain case and a tasty (and easy) Tapas recipe for Manchego […]
by Traci Gates | June 15, 2020
Father’s Day Gift Guide: Top 5 Father’s Day Wine Gifts If you are unable to see Dad on Father’s Day or just visiting from a safe distance, you can still be his favourite child with a gift of good wine and good food. Father’s Day always begs the question, what to get Dad. How about […]