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by Fionnuala Harkin | June 22, 2022
I’ve come to festivals late in life. My husband and kids are seasoned players,  but I’d always been wary of the commitment: three days in a field with limited washing facilities and sleep scared me. And in the Irish summer…unbeatable when it’s good,  but, oh dear,  that wet cold that gets into your bones, and […]
by Fionnuala Harkin | June 16, 2022
Emer McLysaght of Oh My God What A Complete Aisling fame has described the Irish salad plate as not just a salad but a state of mind. In fact, there is an outbreak of nostalgia at the moment for the ‘Irish Summer Salad’. Was it not just called ‘salad’ and by virtue of the fact you […]
by Fionnuala Harkin | June 10, 2022
We know these Hallmark days are tough for some, but reminiscing is something we love to do around these parts. If it’s too much, you can click here and ramble around the Chardonnay section – a nice, cool Chardonnay never let us down. We asked Fionnuala, our West Cork vagabond and storytelling lyricist to talk […]
by WinesDirect | May 31, 2022
Essential Sips for the June Bank Holiday We’ve created the perfect mixed case for the upcoming long weekend. Summer 2022 is shaping up to be one of the best we’ve experienced in a while. Airport queues, a new pox and other such qualms aside, this is set to be the first restriction-free summer we’ve had […]
by Traci Gates | March 22, 2022
Mother’s Day Gift Hampers by Siobhan Keogh I’ve had the pleasure of celebrating many Mothering Sundays as a daughter, a mother, and these days as a grandmother. For Mother’s Day 2022 I was tasked with curating hampers which I suspect the mothers and mother figures of your lives will thank you for, for years to […]
by Traci Gates | December 20, 2021
Edward Hayden’s New Year’s Eve Antipasto Party Chef Edward Hayden is just the man to bring the fun to your New Year’s Eve table. He has put together two fantastic recipes for your festive antipasto platter.  A tempting presentation of cheese and cured meats is the ideal dish to have on standby for an evening of […]
by Traci Gates | December 8, 2021
Christmas Beef Wellington from Left Bank Bistro Annie McNamara and Mary McCullagh proprietors of the Left Bank Bistro show us step by step how to tackle a Beef Wellington as an alternative main course for your Christmas dinner. We pair this delicious recipe with two equally show-stopping wines and recommend a Festive Mixed case that will serve […]
by Traci Gates | December 1, 2021
Vegetarian Wellington You will not be stuck looking for an attractive main for those relatives that have given up meat or just prefer a meat-free option at their Christmas table. A Vegetarian Wellington is a fun spin on the classic Beef Wellington. This indulgent meat-free version is an impressive centrepiece. If you want an impressive […]
by Traci Gates | November 30, 2021
A Festive Christmas Dessert from Diva Bakes Mulled Wine Chocolate Cake  Shannen Butler Keane from Diva Boutique Bakery in West Cork goes above and beyond in creating a chocolate red wine cake just in time for Christmas. The Mulled Wine Chocolate Cake not only complements red wine, but it is actually in the cake. This recipe embodies the […]
by Traci Gates | November 30, 2021
Christmas Turkey Tips & Wine Pairing There is nothing that says Christmas more than the traditional Christmas Turkey at the table. There is also nothing more intimidating Christmas morning than staring at a naked turkey, especially if it’s your first time hosting the family Christmas feast. We are here to help you cook a showstopper […]
by Traci Gates | November 30, 2021
The Perfect Christmas Dinner Starter Imen McDonnell’s Fire-Roasted Crab Cocktail Imen’s Fire-Roasted Crab Cocktail is a simple yet elegant seafood starter that boasts a zesty explosion of flavours and serves as the perfect dish to begin your Christmas feast. She was inspired to create this recipe after a long afternoon drive along the Wild Atlantic […]
by Traci Gates | November 30, 2021
Christmas Goose Wine Pairing with Chef Gary O’Hanlon Marmalade Glazed Irish Free-Range Goose & Goose Fat, Polenta Crusted Maris Piper Roasties It is no surprise that Chef Gary O’ Hanlon offers to us an adventurous alternative to the Traditional Christmas Turkey. He has mastered the almighty Goose with this stunning dish and adds extra flair with […]
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