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by Fionnuala Harkin | August 10, 2022
The canny wine drinkers of Ireland have long been fans of Paddy Borthwick’s Paper Road Pinot Noir, so we are delighted to see what we already know confirmed by Decanter Magazine. When I asked Paddy for his reaction to the stellar 95 points, he modestly credited “a bit of luck amongst the big boys”. Of […]
by Fionnuala Harkin | July 26, 2022
In a time of online banking, the ‘Bank Holiday’ is a quaint, but very welcome, little anachronism. As a child, the bank holiday held a special delight as it was a much better day off school than the dreaded ‘Holy Day of Obligation’. How could that be a good thing, all that obligation to cope […]
by Fionnuala Harkin | July 25, 2022
Wines Direct started its life in the venerable cellars and vineyards of Bordeaux, a land steeped in the history and tradition of wine. I don’t think Paddy Keogh, himself a Francophile through and through, ever thought Australia would woo him with its vinous charms, but that’s the wonderful thing about wine- it constantly surprises us. […]
by Fionnuala Harkin | July 20, 2022
“The whims of youth break all the rules.” – Homer. Breaking the rules, that’s what the next generation is for! This collection of wines is all about eschewing the restraints of the Appellation Controllée, the weight of family tradition, and the conventions of winemaking. The Courselle sisters wanted a wine to drink with their friends […]
by Fionnuala Harkin | July 12, 2022
For a woman who has become an iconic worldwide figure in the wine industry, I was surprised to learn that winemaking was not Susana Balbo’s first career choice. Another surprise is her favourite red wine: not Malbec which has become the national wine of Argentina, but Cabernet Sauvignon, which she believes is Argentina’s hidden treasure. […]
by Fionnuala Harkin | July 6, 2022
Who doesn’t dream of giving up the day job and buying a vineyard in France? Can’t be that hard, can it? Franck Pascal and Isabelle Carles are fully wearing that tee-shirt, and talking to Franck about their life-changing move from Paris to Bergerac over 20 years ago,  is a fascinating insight into the highs and […]
by Fionnuala Harkin | June 22, 2022
I’ve come to festivals late in life. My husband and kids are seasoned players,  but I’d always been wary of the commitment: three days in a field with limited washing facilities and sleep scared me. And in the Irish summer…unbeatable when it’s good,  but, oh dear,  that wet cold that gets into your bones, and […]
by Fionnuala Harkin | June 16, 2022
Emer McLysaght of Oh My God What A Complete Aisling fame has described the Irish salad plate as not just a salad but a state of mind. In fact, there is an outbreak of nostalgia at the moment for the ‘Irish Summer Salad’. Was it not just called ‘salad’ and by virtue of the fact you […]
by Fionnuala Harkin | June 10, 2022
We know these Hallmark days are tough for some, but reminiscing is something we love to do around these parts. If it’s too much, you can click here and ramble around the Chardonnay section – a nice, cool Chardonnay never let us down. We asked Fionnuala, our West Cork vagabond and storytelling lyricist to talk […]
by WinesDirect | May 31, 2022
Essential Sips for the June Bank Holiday We’ve created the perfect mixed case for the upcoming long weekend. Summer 2022 is shaping up to be one of the best we’ve experienced in a while. Airport queues, a new pox and other such qualms aside, this is set to be the first restriction-free summer we’ve had […]
by WinesDirect | March 22, 2022
Mother’s Day Gift Hampers by Siobhan Keogh I’ve had the pleasure of celebrating many Mothering Sundays as a daughter, a mother, and these days as a grandmother. For Mother’s Day 2022 I was tasked with curating hampers which I suspect the mothers and mother figures of your lives will thank you for, for years to […]
by Traci Gates | December 20, 2021
Edward Hayden’s New Year’s Eve Antipasto Party Chef Edward Hayden is just the man to bring the fun to your New Year’s Eve table. He has put together two fantastic recipes for your festive antipasto platter.  A tempting presentation of cheese and cured meats is the ideal dish to have on standby for an evening of […]
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