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Bangin' Biodynamics - 6 Bottle Case

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Bangin' Biodynamics - 6 Bottle Case

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It is no secret we are unabashedly boastful about Biodynamic wine and their brilliant winemakers. You can always pick out the Biodynamic vineyard over their neighbours. The Biodynamic vineyard is alive with bees and wildflowers. As you walk the rows, one experiences a real joy of the senses visually and aromatically. You can also pick out a Biodynamic winemaker. They are incredibly down to earth – literally – they love soil! In short, biodynamic wine is all about biodiversity and the soil. You cannot make great wine without perfect fruit, and you will not get either without living soil. In a time of commercial farming, producing the same industrialised artificial taste, biodynamic wines awake the senses because they are truly alive with the flavour of fruit and terroir.

1x Domaines Landron ‘Le Fief du Breil’ 2015 - Muscadet de Sèvre-et-Maine AOP
Melon de Bourgogne
Jo Landron believes that Melon de Bourgogne is a perfect reflection of terroir. This single-vineyard is an unusually diverse piece of land with very thin soil going into bedrock. So the vines really have to work for their nutrients. Hand-harvested and naturally fermented in concrete vats and then aged for 30 months on lees gives us a multi-layered wine with white flower, citrus, and beautiful texture.

1x Domaine Jousset ‘Vilain P’Tit Ch’nin’ 2018 - Vin de France
Chenin Blanc
From husband and wife team Lise and Bertrand Jousset. After leaving the army Bertrand met his wife Lise, a sommelier in Paris, both wanted to move to the Loire and make wine from Chenin Blanc. They believe that only living soil can give you living great wines. Naturally fermented in barrels of 400 and 600 litres for ten months. The palate is vibrant and refreshing with green apple, pear and saline mineral flavours then a hint of brioche with firm acidity in the bright, clean finish.

1x Château la Baronne ‘Le Grenache Gris de Jean’ 2017 - Vin de France – Orange Wine
Grenache Gris
From the husband and wife team Jean and Anne Lignéres. When Jean, the local General Practitioner, has a brilliant idea, Anne, who is a geologist, generally says. “Let’s make an experiment… and then you put your name on it!” This is an orange wine meaning a white wine with skin contact, which gives it this colour. A beautiful lush wine, with a pinky/orange glow. 50% of the grapes are on their skin for eight months. Fermented in terracotta eggs, adding to the floral, ripe wine with hints of the wild herbs or garrigue that grow around the vines.

1x Cosimo Maria Masini ‘Sincero’ 2018 - Toscana Rosso IGT
Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc
Winemaker Francesco de Filippis has a real passion for Biodynamic farming, after his PhD in Agriculture Science. This piece of land in Tuscany is perfect for ripening Sangiovese. Before blending, each variety is picked and fermented in their own mini cuvees, depending on the location of the parcel. Almost zero SO2. A beautiful “sincere” expression of the carefully tended and gently handled fruit.

1x Finca Mas d’en Gil ‘Bellmunt’ 2017 - Priorat DOCQ
Grenache, Carignan
From the highest point in Priorat, with a constant Mediterranean breeze coming over the Montsant Mountain, keeping the temperature regulated and free of disease. The unusual broken slate tends to give the wine structure and elegance.  As Marta Rovira says “I make wine for my grandmother.” Using biodynamic principles, including having their own working horse called Clara and their label in the shape of the moon. Indigenous grapes, hand-harvested and fermented with wild yeast and aged for ten months in 225 litres, 1,500-litre barrels. A minimum of 6 months in bottle. Wines are not released until they are ready—flavours of crushed red berries on the palate followed by a long finish with refreshing minerality.

1x Château La Baronne ‘Le Grenache’ 2015 - Corbières AOP
This wine is 100% Grenache. Typical of the Lignéres quest for authenticity, they wanted to make a wine with just Grenache, to showcase each grape and piece of the estate doing its own thing. The beautiful, perfumed nose is enough to tell us he has succeeded. No added sulphites, no oak, natural yeast—nothing but sweet, ripe grenache fruit.

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