About the Wine Explorers Club

 The Wine Explorers: Ireland's Finest Wine Club

Introducing The Wine Explorers Club - Ireland's finest wine experience.

If you find it hard selecting new wines to explore, why not sign up to our Wine Explorers Club and enjoy the convenience of regular deliveries and always having quality wine on hand? All you need to do is select your budget, select your style of wine and wait for your regular delivery.


Each month we will send you a 6 bottle case of wine, in accordance with that particular month’s theme, complete with tasting notes and wine maker information! By joining the Wine Explorers club there is no need to order wine each month, it simply arrives at your door.

Now, how’s that for convenience... with a twist of mystery!



When you become a member of the Wine Explorers Club, you will automatically receive a wine folder where you can file away all of the tasting notes and vineyard information that you receive with your monthly case of wine. Use these tasting notes to learn about the wine, the wine maker and to see what wine reviews that bottle has received. Each tasting note will also have a section where you can make your own tasting notes, keeping a record of which wines and styles you like.


What McKenna's Guides had to say about us:

"The idea of the Wine Explorers Club, is one of Wines Direct's best: a monthly delivery of new discoveries culled from around the globe, pitched at different price levels. This is the equivalent of being out there in the vineyards with the Keogh family and their producers, picking up the marl, feeling the breezes, watching the arc of the sun on the aspect of the vineyard, tasting from the barrique, feeling the culture of the vine."


Key Member Benefits:

As a valued member of our Wine Club, you will receive the following:

  1. The convenience of regular deliveries with FREE shipping and up to 15% off your 6 bottle case for the duration of your membership.
  2. Tasting notes and vineyard information on the wines delivered, along with worksheets to make your own notes.
  3. A ring binder file to keep track all of your wines and notes.
  4. The first look (and taste) of new wines discovered by Wines Direct, before they are introduced and sold to the public by us.
  5. Exclusive membership offers.
  6. Information on all the vineyards visited by Wines Direct, as we move around the world.
  7. No set period for commitment! Option to Opt-Out at any time, with no questions asked.
  8. Easy Payment Plan: Depending on the price range you choose, your credit card will be charged for the same amount every time we send you a case. You will know what you’re spending and when. It’s that simple!

FREE Upgrades each quarter:

Each quarter we will upgrade your case price to the next tier, FREE of charge for that month only. Upgrades will be offered on the following months:

June - September - December - March

Note: Tier 3 will be upgraded by a value of €20 - Total value of the case being approximately €129


Pricing plans

You may choose one of three budget selections. Prices include all discounts. You will never be charged more than your budget selection.

Tier 1 - €69 per month - Average price of €13.50 per bottle

Tier 2 - €89 per month - Average price of €17.50 per bottle

Tier 3 - €109 per month - Average price of €21.40 per bottle

(You can select your preferred style - Red. White or Mixed bottles)


Easy payment plan

Depending on the budget you choose, your credit card will be charged the same amount every time we send you a case. You will know what you’re spending and when. It’s that simple!

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