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Episode 6 - Anton Savage

There are few things in life we can be certain about, but pairing a red wine with duck is one of them. For the Duck Confit, Gareth & Gavin have chosen a wine from Sicily, Feudo Luparello’s Nero D’Avola & Syrah blend. Created by Walter Bartolomei, this wine is spicy in all the right ways, but luscious enough to stand up to duck. Nero D’Avola, indigenous to Sicily, has plum and pepper flavours which almost latch on to dark meats, creating a wonderful explosion of flavours. Syrah, a grape renowned in the Rhone Valley, but planted by winemakers all over the world, lends its spice and body to the blend, creating a long, smooth finish.

Domaine de Nancelle is located on the outskirts of Macon Village, run by husband and wife Patrick and Nathalie Corsin. The Corsin’s are firm believers in minimalism, and this translates to their where they allow the soil and terrain of Burgundy to shine through. This unoaked Chardonnay, is more refreshing than creamy, with apple and pear notes ringing through. Zesty enough for the citrus fruits and parsley salad, with a rich, medium-body to complement the marrowbone.

The first main course is earthy; slow braised beef and mushrooms requires a hearty wine with a hint of grit. High in the hills of Faugeres, lies the sleepy village of Fos where the 100 or so locals spend their time tracking down wild boar. On top of the village are the vines of Luc and Francoise Taillefer, a brother and sister duo who use a blend of typical Southern French grapes in their ‘Les Collines’. Grenache, Carignan & Syrah play their part to make this wine rich, with dark red fruits perfect for the beef, with savoury notes strong enough to match the earthiness from the mushrooms.

Finally, for the Dover Sole with Langoustines & Buerre Noisette, Gareth & Gavin have chosen another wine by Walter Bartolomei, but this time from his vineyard on the mainland, in Marche. Ciu Ciu ‘Le Merlettaie’ is created using only the Pecorino grape. Delicious citrus and floral minerality is met with vanilla on the palate and a nutty, rich finish. These elements of the wine ensure it’s creamy enough to pair with the buerre and tangy enough to cut through the sole and langoustines.

There are two wines that almost made the cut with this menu: Crios Cabernet Sauvignon, a full bodied wine from Argentina and San Simone’s Pinot Grigio, a zippy little number from Friuli.

Anton Savage Wine Selection


Episode 5 - Ken Doherty

First up, Gareth & Gavin have chosen a wine which is special in many ways. Created by the Bidoli Family in Friuli, Northen Italy, Friulano is a grape which has become renowned to the region. Though it originated in Chile as Sauvignon Vert, the winemakers of Friuli have cultivated the grape and made it their own. This soft, velvety white will pair wonderfully with the cumin and tamarind spices of the Indian Potato Cakes, making this pair a match made in heaven!

The second starter required a wine with more body, and more texture. A light wine would get lost in between the cream of a vol-au-vent and wouldn’t cut through the earthiness of mushroom. With this in mind, Gareth & Gavin went to the New World and has chosen Rod & Sandy Hallet’s Alkoomi Chardonnay. The fruit in this Chardonnay are fresh and ripe, but the time spent in barrel leaves this wine with a stunning creaminess that will work wonderfully alongside a creamy dish.

Alister Pubrick is one of Australia’s best known and loved winemakers. He creates everything from fuss-free, easy-drinking wines to some of Australia’s most iconic wines. For the first main course, Indian Goat Curry, Gareth & Gavin have chosen a wine which is oily by nature, Tahbilk Viognier, created under Pubrick’s iconic Tahbilk label. Bold and aromatic with hints of honeysuckle and cinnamon, this silky-textured wine will perfectly cleanse the palate and blend flawlessly with the spices in the curry.

Finally, the Panfried Cod calls for something luscious and though there’s already a Chardonnay on the menu, this medium-bodied gem from New Zealand’s Hawke’s Bay, is an entirely different take on the grape. Created by Alwyn Corban, Silks Chardonnay with pineapple and on the front of the palate and baked apple and butter later on will be the perfect accompaniment to a succulent cod. Creamy and luxurious, this wine will bring a depth of flavour to the dish, particularly if there’s butter in the mix!

There are two wines that almost made the cut with this menu: Crios Torrontes a ripe, refreshing white from Argentina and Four Sisters Shiraz, a full-bodied red from the same winemaker as Tahbilk; a family affair!

Ken Doherty Wine Selection


Episode 4 - Maria Walsh

To start with Gareth & Gavin have paired Balestri Valda’s Soave with your Black Pudding Terrine with Whipped Goats Cheese & Chutney. Made by Laura Rizotto and her family, the Gargaega and Trebbiano grapes are grown in a high-altitude vineyard just 50 kilometres from ethereal Lake Garda. Rizotto’s Soave is creamy, but there’s a bite behind it which comes from the volcanic soil on which the grapes grow. The creaminess will pair well with the cheese while the bite will smoothen with the fat from the pudding and bacon. A dream match!

For Gareth & Gavin, the Philly Cheesesteak Surf & Turf needs something big and bold, but oozing elegance. They’ve chosen Tahbilk Cabernet Sauvignon; an old-world grape with a new-world twist, grown by one of Australia’s most outstanding wine families. This wine is bold, but it’s sophisticated; it doesn’t overpower the food, but it’s chunky enough to handle the ribeye and cheese. There are floral elements to this Cabernet Sauvignon, which will match wonderfully with the lobster tail. An all-round winner.

A spicy Grenache & Syrah blend is on the card for the second main course. Organically made in the Rhone Valley Alex Roux’s Mas Oncle Ernest ‘Instant Present’ was suggested for the Roast & Stuffed Quail. Alex’s grapes are grown on high-altitude vines, so this isn’t your typical Cote-du-Rhone bruiser. A fresh, light red, Instant Present will bring spice to the dish, a wonderful contrast to the sweet potatoes and pecans. Alex is a passionate, first generation winemaker, and the Keogh’s believes his wine will sing alongside this dish!

While Gareth & Gavin are confident that their wine selections will go well, we’ve quite the collection in Wines Direct! There are two wines that almost made the cut with this menu: Quinta do Crasto’s stunning white wine, which is Chablis without being Chablis and San Simone Sugano, a wonderful Cabernet Franc from Northern Italy.

Maria Walsh Wine Selection


Episode 3 - Bobby Kerr

To start the night off, Gareth & Gavin have chosen Villamedoro Trebbiano, made by Francesca Morricone high in the Abruzzo hills. Trebbiano, a grape grown all over the world, prospers in the warm Italian climate. Similar to Chardonnay in style, Trebbiano’s tropical fruits and zesty citrus flavours are key to this match; the acidity in the wine will be softened by the pancetta, allowing the King Scallops to retain their full flavour and not be overpowered by the zest of the wine or the oils from the pancetta.

The perfect puff pastry is light, flaky and most of all, buttery. With this in mind, a buttery Chardonnay is required for the second starter of the evening. Guerinda La Blanca, a sensational Chardonnay from Navarra in Northern Spain is floral on the nose, but creamy in texture. There’s enough bite in the wine to cut through the asparagus and creamy herb sauce, yet it’s luscious enough to marry perfectly with the pastry and quail egg. Created by the Abete sisters, second generation winemakers, this Spanish Chardonnay depicts their innovative spirit, and their winemaking heritage. A treat on any menu! Few things in life are certain, but pairing Lamb with red wine is a certainty we can’t deny. Lambay Island Lamb, the first main course on the menu, has been matched with Bergerie de L’Hortus Rouge. Created by the Orliac Family in Languedoc, this blend of Grenache, Syrah & Mourvedre is succulent, juicy and spicy. An elegant red which has been made with red meats in mind, it typifies the skills and soils of winemaking in Languedoc, a region with a plethora of talented winemakers. The soils of Pic St. Loup in Languedoc, according to many, are as precious as those in Burgundy, making this wine the best match for lamb raised on Lambay Island lands.

The final wine chosen by Gareth & Gavin will ensure the evening ends with a bang! Giorgio Colutta’s Schioppettino, from the Friuli region of Northern Italy, translates to “gun powder”. For many, the hint of smoke on the nose of the wine is similar to that of a freshly fired gun… but we’d know little about that! What we do know is that this grape is produced by only 15 winemakers in Friuli. Indigenous to the region, it’s a hefty grape, which needs a close eye kept on it. Giorgio cuts 50% of the grapes a few months prior to harvest to ensure that those left are given the opportunity to display their finest characteristics; intense ruby colour with raspberry, blackberry and blackcurrant flavours which will blend wonderfully with the succulent meat from the Lobster.

While Gareth & Gavin are confident that their wine selections will go well, we’ve quite the collection in Wines Direct! There are two wines that almost made the cut with this menu: Coriole Chenin Blanc, a crisp dry white wine from Australia, and Paddy Borthwick’s ‘Paper Road’ Pinot Noir, a stunning Pinot Noir from New Zealand.

Bobby Kerr Wine Selection


Episode 2 - Lennon Courtney

Crab and parmesan are two wonderful flavours, but certainly require a wine which will complement them rather than drown them out. With this in mind, Gareth & Gavin have chosen a wine from Languedoc which comes from one of regions most revered winemaking families, Bergerie de L’Hortus Blanc, a blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier. Ripe fruit coming from the Chardonnay, crisp backbone of acidity from the Sauvignon and peachy delicacy from the Viognier, this wine will sing alongside this dish!

For the second dish, Gareth & Gavin have chosen a wine from one of New Zealand’s finest winemakers, Paddy Borthwick. This New World Riesling, a Decanter top 10, is brimming with autumnal flavours, perfect for a dish which pays homage to Ireland’s favourite autumnal foods. Hints of apricot will pair wonderfully with the bacon & cabbage croquettes and the green fruits notes will soften with the parsley sauce. Riesling’s oily texture and long finish will match with the zest from the sauerkraut, marrying the components of the dish together.

Quail needs something big and bold, and Guerinda’s ‘El Maximo’ will do just the job. A blend of Grenache, Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon, this rich and juicy red from the hills of Navarra in Spain will add a depth of flavour to a hearty dish. Bold enough to stand up to the gamey quail, but sophisticated and elegant enough not to drown out the broth, El Maximo will be a stellar accompaniment to this wintery meal.

Finally, for the Beef Wellington, Gareth & Gavin have chosen to go down a traditional route. Chateau Fongaban, a Merlot & Cabernet Franc blend from the well-regarded St.Emilion region of Bordeaux, is a wonderful match for a modern twist on this well-loved meal. Created by Pierre Taix, an exciting young winemaker who farms just 8 hectares of vines in Puisseguin, the Chateau dates back to the 17th Century. Though tradition is upheld, Pierre also bring a modern twist to a long legacy of Bordeaux winemaking.

Lennon Courtney Wine Selection


Episode 1 - Grainne Seoige

To kick things off Gareth & Gavin Keogh have chosen Jose Pariente’s Verdejo, a fresh, aromatic wine with a hint of citrus acidity and a smoothness which will work fantastically with each of the oysters. Created by Victoria Pariente in picturesque Rueda, a stalwart winemaking region in Northern Spain, this Verdejo boasts a litany of awards and was the house wine in El Bulli, regarded as one of the best restaurants in the world. A wine like Verdejo, with its zesty taste profile and tingly acidity, is the perfect match for seafood dishes like this.

For the Carpaccio of Biltong, Gareth & Gavin have chosen the mighty Jean-Luc Mader’s Riesling. This meaty Riesling is clean and ripe with a luscious mouthfeel and a long finish. Jean-Luc and his son Jerome create their wines in the classic Alsatian way; dry, but not too sweet, and with potential to age for at least five years. This medium-bodied Riesling marries perfectly with rich foods, making it a seamless match for the Carpaccio.

Alister Pubrick is one of Australia’s best known and loved winemakers. He creates everything from fuss-free, easy-drinking wines to some of Australia’s most iconic wines. Sibling Rivalry Pinot Noir epitomises Pubrick’s laidback approach with its intense strawberry and cherry notes, slight hint of oak and its warm, New World sweetness will marry beautifully with the spices in the Connemara Lamb.

For the last dish, Gareth & Gavin have chosen a wine and vineyard with a longstanding connection to Wines Direct. Chateau Thieuley Cuvee ‘Francis Courselle’, Semillon & Sauvignon Blanc blend from Bordeaux has been a staff and customer favourite for almost a decade. Sisters Sylvie and Marie Courselle are second generation winemakers, having taken the reigns from their father when he retired a number of years ago. Much like Victoria Pariente, this wine is dedicated to the man who led them through the vines from very young ages. This zesty white packs a piquant punch! Granny Smith apples with a herbal finish, this wine will pair wonderfully with Monkfish.

Grainne Seioge Wine Selection