Our Staff

All of the team at Wines Direct are passionate about good wine – and each wine brought in by Wines Direct has to be tasted and tried by the Wines Direct team.

From the field sales team to shop staff, customer service and our delivery team, all staff members are well trained and highly knowledgeable about wine. You can be sure that Wines Direct staff will go out of their way to help you in your choice of wine that is just right for you!

Jackie Reynols

Jackie Reynolds – Sales Office Manager

Jackie has been working for Wines Direct since 2005 and she is WSET qualified.

Favourite Vineyard Visited: Accordini in Italy. Small independent farmers and a very friendly family. The family have a great passion for wine making.

Favourite Wine: Valpolicella Classico Ripasso. Excellent wine with food or drink on its own. It’s a very robust red wine. Great nose and very well balanced on the palate.

Trevor Fisher

Trevor Fisher – Retail Shop Manager

Trevor has been working for Wines Direct since 2008 and is Level 3 WSET qualified and is also an approved WSET educator.

Favourite Vineyard Visited: Isabelle & Denis Pommier Chablis in France. A small husband and wife operation whose quality and attention to detail is simply incredible. Their wines are completely organic and truly represent the traditional style of Chablis. Perfect fruit, meticulous winemaking and dedication to making perfect wine is what comes to my mind when I think of Pommier.

Favourite Wine: Chateau Gaudin Pauillac. This has been my favourite wine since I first joined Wines Direct. Being from the left bank of Bordeaux it is made mostly of Cabernet Sauvignon with a touch of Merlot completing the blend. It is dark and rich on the palate with the perfect balance of ripe blackcurrant and plum fruits, notes of eucalyptus and a lovely toasty/smoky finish from time in oak. A hugely rewarding wine, particularly when drunk alongside red meat, that I think beats a lot of much more expensive Bordeaux reds.

Susan Garvey

Susan Garvey – Sales Office Administrator

Susan has worked in Wines Direct since 2005 and she is WSET qualified.

Favourite Vineyard Visited: Château Haut Rian in Bordeaux. I found the Dietrich family a lovely, welcoming and passionate regarding their wine. They have a great range of wines that are all fantastic.

Favourite Wine: Château Labegorce, it has a distinctive velvety fruit taste with a smooth elegant finish. An absolute treat.

Brenda McGibney

Brenda McGibney – Credit Controller

Brenda has been working for Wines Direct since 2004 and she is WSET qualified.

Favourite Vineyard Visited: Vinasperi in Spain. Run by the Sampedro family. Small, personal and friendly. I love the wines and the vineyard is in a spectacular setting.

Favourite Wine: Vinasperi Crianza, I love the taste of this wine, affordable price, excellent quality, great with or without food.

Gareth Keogh

Gareth Keogh – Sales Rep (Dublin)

Gareth has been working for Wines Direct since 2008 and is WSET Advanced qualified.

Favourite Vineyard Visited: Weingut Brandl, small-scale winemaker on the Austrian, Czech border just by the Danube. Great wine maker and great wine.

Favourite Wine: Roaring Meg Pinot Noir. Grown by Matt Dicey on North facing slopes near Queenstown, home of the bungee jump and Lord of the Rings so you know it’s going to be good! Soft dark cherries with 6 months in bourguignon oak giving it structure great spice and nice length.

Una Bourke

Una Bourke – Retail Sales Assistant

Una has been working for Wines Direct since 2004 and is WSET qualified.

Favourite Vineyard Visited: Domaine Clavel, Coteaux Du Languedoc, France. When we visited the Clavel Winery it was a beautiful crisp spring morning, kid goats just been born, it was all go on the property. The passion that Pierre Clavel has for his animals carried through with his passion for his grapes on the vines, to harvesting and producing rich lip smacking wines. For everyday drinking.

Favourite Wine: Crego e Monaguillo Monterrai DO.Spain. This creamy white wine is made from the ancient Spanish grape GODELLO. Smooth, peachy & apricot tones. Great just on its own or works well with food

Linda Appelbe

Linda Appelbe - General Manager

Linda has been working in Wines Direct 13 years and is WSET level 2 qualified.

Favorite vineyard visited: Charpentier in Champagne, France. My first vineyard visit stands out for the beautiful villages, great hospitality the Charpentier family. A different champagne with each course at lunch was great.

Favorite wine: At the moment it has to be our new wine from Chateau de Malle Graves A\C. What a star - it is luxurious, complex and just yum, with our without food.  All that you need is an excuse to spoil yourself, it’s worth it.

Neil McGouran

Neil McGouran - Ecommerce Manager

Neil has been working in Wines Direct 3 years and is WSET qualified.

Favorite vineyard visited: Ollier Taillefer in Faugeres, France.

Favorite wine: Really hard to pick one but Quinta Do Crasto Reserva Old Vines would easily be up there. Rich and deep with hints of aniseed and chocolate. A truly great wine from some of our favourite winemakers.

Fiona Kealy

Fiona Kealy – Purchasing & Inventory Controller

Fiona Kealy has been working for Wines Direct since 2001 and is WSET qualified.

Favourite Vineyard Visited: Stefano Accordini in Italy. Living and working in the suburbs of Piedmont, this family truly depict the small farmer. The wine is made at their home with the steel vats full of wine in their driveway. Neighbours come to fill their bottles for the weekend. A plan is in place for a new vineyard close to the Alps.

Favourite Wine: Stefano Accordini Superiore Ripasso. If it is pleasure you are after look no further. Rich and velvety with lots of fruit and a hint of chocolate.