Open letters are all the rage recently but they might be more effective with the help of a rhyming scheme. So, on the eve of the budget we've written an open poem to Minister Noonan aka Captain Austerity and His Merry Band of Think Tanks. Take that oh cruel and wineless political sadists...

Aaagh...leave our wine alone!

The Wine Merchant’s Budget

Twas the night before budget,
When all through the house
Not a wine merchant was stirring
Never mind the bloody mouse.

The problem was Noonan
And his austerity campaign.
Penury or misery were his options du jour,
Choices are stark with a recession to maintain.

One euro per wine bottle,
That was last year’s farce,
“But it’ll stop binge drinking!”
Yeah right Minister, me arse.

So yes Mister Noonan,
This year we’re flinching.
We know you’d tax anything
To cover your ‘pinshin’.

But we urge you to listen
To small Irish companies,
Please give us some breathing space
So we can get off our knees.